Brand Design – Spl^ffy Pigs

Concept: I was asked to come up with some logo ideas for a band in the South East of England called Spl^ffy Pigs.
Goal: The client gave me mostly full control over the design he just wanted me to incorporate a pig somehow. nice curvy and family friendly typeface to represent their baby accessory business. It had to curvy, fun and simple to stand out in the baby and child accessories markets across the UK & Europe. The design translates across a variety of material including business cards, social media, and product packaging
Solution: I drafted a few previous versions of the logo’s icon until we arrived on the final design of a pig face, but in simple line with minimal detail to create a fun but stylish design perfect for his band and style of music. I then introduced a bold typeface to grab attention and complete this logo design

Brand Design – RM 5457 Luxe Clothing

Concept: I was asked to create a logo for a high-end luxe couture clothing company in the United States called RM5457.
Goal: The client wanted a mysterious brand that had a key as its icon. It had to say mystery and get be intriguing for the consumer to get the initial pre-orders and engagement needed to launch the online store. The market is mainly the United States.
Solution: I imagined a sharp key logo with a unique detailing of the keys fob. I then introduced a stylish typeface somewhere from the art deco, great gatsby period to give the logo its final modern but mysterious identity to complete this company’s high-end clothing brand

Event Design – Purple Group Ltd

While at the Purple Group Ltd I designed anything from printed tension fabric panels to 3D large scale event designs & mockups.

I worked closely with the clients to achieve a brand consistent and seem-less overall event design, trade show stand or a clients pop-up store in shopping complexes.
In-house I created a wide range of marketing materials for various top tier corporate events throughout the year, we traveled all over the world to setup and deliver to the client a flawless problem free event, of which all aspects were designed and meticulously planned by our in-house team.

Brand Design – Cider Crush Ltd

Brand & Product Design
– The Chocolution

Concept: I was asked to come up with some concept logo and product packaging ideas for an artisan chocolate producing company in Kent, the United Kingdom called The Chocolution
Goal: It had to be colourful, natural, and in keeping with their raw chocolate production process from Bean to Bar. Then going on to collaborate with an artist to reach the final design
Solution: I imagined a colourful and friendly layout for the packaging and then I introduced a styled typeface to create a vibrant and exciting feel when matched with the other artist’s hand-drawn element (background of above image). We created a professional and simply friendly brand that will be readily accepted by family, the main raw chocolate market and any chocolate other consumer markets

Brand Design – Urban Beats

Concept: I was asked to create a logo for a DJ and producer from Australia called Urban Beats.
Goal: The client wanted a nice modern logo to represent him as a DJ and his music production business. It had to clean, strong and stylish to stand out in the music market across Australia and online
Solution: I imagined a simple blend of the U and the B to create a simple but strong brand for his DJ and music production business. It easily translatable across a variety of material including t-shirts, social media, and poster or large banner designs

Print Design – Wudang Kung Fu Poster