Print Design – Geno Washington Poster

Print work completed for The Astor Theatre, United Kingdom. Geno Washington was playing live at the theatre and I was asked shortly before the event to design an A3 print featuring Geno to advertise on bill boards at the venue

Brand Design – Sara Mazzei

Concept: In-house at Purple Jr Ltd I was asked to come up with some concept logo ideas for an Italian events company called Sara Mazzei Events
Goal: It had to be sleek, modern and professional while Italian and stylish. Then going on to fit in with the websites overall design.
Solution: We imagined a sleek Italian style layout for the logo then introduced a typeface, to create a stylish and professionally clear brand personality

Brand Design – BabiCo

Concept: I was asked to come up with some logo ideas for a baby accessories company in South England called BabiCo.
Goal: The client wanted a nice curvy and family friendly typeface to represent their baby accessory business. It had to curvy, fun and simple to stand out in the baby and child accessories markets across the UK & Europe. The design translates across a variety of material including business cards, social media, and product packaging
Solution: I imagined a simple colour theme which is an almost pastel colour and for the logo, I introduced a stylish yet professional typeface to complete this company’s logo

Web Design – Tru Clothing

Web Design – Purple Group Ltd

Concept: The client asked me to build their company website, the company being an International Events Company based in the United Kingdom called Purple Group Ltd.
Goal: It had to get the relevant and important information across to potential clients and also get the company’s name out there on the market. A stylish and elegant design was needed to appeal to future clients.
Solution: I imagined a simple, clean and vibrant layout for this site and then incorporated a world map design made up of a collection of industry-relevant words on the “What We Do” page.